Friday, August 3, 2012

Reaching out to open space

What does a guy have to do to get some bees around here? I've called, emailed, and beckoned towards a countless number of people. Every available starter hive or 5 frame nuc is 2-3 hours away. What is shocking to me is the lack of support from local beekeepers. No one is extending a palm to meet my outreached hand. This baffles me, just as I would readily help anyone who needed assistance or showed energy to get started in sustainable practices. Which caused me to ponder whether this is just my nature or is receiving even consultant assistance is a service that should be payed for? This becomes the essential question: Is what we are doing a service or a hobby/activity? I know that currently it is a hobby for me and perhaps it will turn into a business later down the road. I suppose if hobby beekeepers have this desire than they see no harm in charging a fee for helping or making a simple split of their hives. I am at a disadvantage during this time of year, when I can't order bees in the mail and have to start with an established colony. But I still don't think it should be this hard. It gives me time to get everything ready I suppose. And the location in my yard is looking awesome. I will post some pictures shortly. I am working on the stand where the hive and future hives will sit. On a side note. I have heard that Costco is selling out a certain model of solar panels for remarkably cheap. I have heard that there is a 220W panel for 179.99 but have only been able to find a 100W for 189.99 online. Maybe if you contact them you will be able to locate. Here's the link Costco Solar Panel

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