Tuesday, July 24, 2012

July 24, 2012

The summer season is winding down and its almost ready to start preparing for fall planting. Unfortunately, I had to redo a lot of things in the garden namely because of Fusarium wilt. There were entirely too many challenges that arose from a wetter than usual Spring season, which lead to very little harvesting. Despite this, I've redone most of the garden beds by raising and adding wood logs underneath. This is an attempt to try Hugelkulture. I am enthusiastic for the fall, in which I will be utilizing a deep mulching method and capitalizing on the solarization and composting that is taking place now. I hope to get to the building of the beehive later this week, as well. It has proved difficult to even get started this late in the year, as most bee packages are available only in the spring. Regardless I am told by members of Beesource.com that I can start anytime in Florida. I hope they are right, and even more hopeful that there are some mentors out there willing to take me under their wing.

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