Sunday, October 16, 2011

It's time to take our lives back!

Copy the link, paste in your address bar, and watch this video. Although it is a ad for a national chain restaurant, it has an important and relative message to this blog. After you watch come back and read the commentary underneath the link.

The video "Back to the Start," with a music cover of Coldplay's The Scientist from Country music legend Willie Nelson, is a short film illustrating where we started and where we are now.

As man worked, tilled, sowed, and harvested the sustenance that would ensure the survival of himself and his family, the importance of reverence for the land was ever present. However, due to over urbanization, the marketization of food has led to mass populations that do not identify with where food actually originates from. To test this theory, we could show the average classroom of students an orange. We could ask “Where did this orange come from?” What is shockingly unsurprising is that most would say Publix, Winn-Dixie, or any local grocery-store chain. Unfortunately, only a few would recognize that the orange came from a tree, and even fewer would further unveil that it was probably imported from another country. Students don't experience the growing of food locally and even local orchards are subject to the rising and falling of market prices, which inevitably affects the ability of that crop to be sold. What results is a population unaware of how closely tied humanity remains to the land. If environmental scientist are correct in their prediction that rising global temperatures will lead to catastrophic food depletion, these oblivious individuals will either have to adapt quickly or fail to survive.

We are facing a challenge and even though it may not seem as dire as I have outlined, there is indeed merit to the idea that we are currently facing an obstacle produced by ourselves and reinforced by the truth in nature... exploitation, depletion of resources, and passions rooted in profit alone will be met with compelling adversity. So compelling that we must recognize the need to change. Challenge yourselves to change before 'mother nature' forces us to.

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